The First 5 – Meiji Tokyo Renka

I picked Meiji Tokyo Renka up on a whim. It looked like it could be a fun reverse harem. So many hot guys and a time travel twist with 'ghosts'. Overall, it piqued my interest so without much expectation I got my hands on the first episode and knew that I would be in it... Continue Reading →


Make a Friend Day

I recently (basically two hours or so ago) learnt that today is kind of known as Make a Friend Day and I thought I could have some fun with this. I discovered that the friend does not need to be made in person, but can be a pal over social media too! I know myself... Continue Reading →

The First 5 – Dororo

I spotted Dororo as part of the line up for this season and decided to watch it. The premise seemed to tick the boxes of the kind of stories I enjoy. I was just hoping that it would not be a total let down. Below are my first 5 impressions of Dororo. Episode 1 A... Continue Reading →

The First 5 – BoogiePop and Others

BoogiePoP and Others or BoogiePoP wa Warawanai, either way, I decided to watch this when I was going through the new releases we could be expecting this season. The synopsis piqued my interest and I wanted to see more of what it was about. Episode 1 Humanity is in danger so a teenage kid develops... Continue Reading →

10 ‘Adult’ Reads

I have listed 10 adult manga that I have read and thought some of you would enjoy reading them as well. If books and manga came with an age restriction, the below would definitely have an 18+ restriction. They are explicit and contain sexual scenes. For obvious reasons, I will not be sharing the really adult... Continue Reading →

What does Isekai mean?

I had been watching and reading lot of Isekai styled stories before I had even known there was such a term to describe them. Chances are that you have been enjoying or suffering this genre too without even knowing it. Definition of Isekai Isekai is a subcategory of the Fantasy genre. It refers to any... Continue Reading →

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