Samurai 7: Kyuzo

If you have watched Samurai 7 you know how Kyuzo is and what emotion he brings out of you in the end. However this is not a spoiler or a review, this is the breakdown of his character.

He is a mysterious and mostly silent character who wears black and red clothing with a single sword sheath on his back. He is extremely skilled at wielding double blades and an incredible fighter. His only desire is to fight Kanbei, a fellow skilled samurai, in a duel to the death once the bandits are defeated.

He is recruted into the war by Lady Kiara to bring down the Emperor. However before joining the team he works as a hired body guard for a wealthy family.

Kyuzo is Voiced by Shinichiro Miki in the original Japanese (subbed) version, and by Sonny Strait in the English (dubbed) version.

Honestly there is not much to say about this character, other than he has earned my respect and that he has left a mark on my heart. He is one of the characters that will forever remain with me.

What are your thoughts on Kyuzo? Are there any particular characters you would like us to break down? Feel free to list your favorite and worst characters and we will do the research and get their history.



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