Top 6 things in anime that I wish I could have

Watching anime I have picked up on a couple of things that I wish I could have myself and in my own home. Here are just my top 6 picks.

6 A Genkan


That little area where you take off your shoes. The thought of this really interests  me. I like the idea of it, yet at the same time it seems like it will be a little troublesome. However the reason for this makes complete sense to me seeing as I often walk to my room and kick off my shoes only to run around the house in my socks anyway.

5 Bento


Those amazing home cooked lunches packed neatly into a tiny container and then neatly wrapped seem just too good. I don’t have the time nor the energy to make normal lunch for myself as it is. If I did I would probably stick to sandwiches. The bento just seems so tempting, perhaps one day I will make myself one.

4 Futon


I know most probably think this is a bit of an odd one. However I am an odd ball at the best of times. I love sleeping low and near the ground. I have even slept on my bedroom floor rather that the bed (to straighten my back and it was comfortable). I know a futon is not the floor but I would still really like to get one.

3 Breakfast


In the multiple anime I have watched many scenes of tables full of food I would classify as lunch or supper being served as their breakfast. I wish I had the time, energy, inclination and ingredients to prep even half of what they have. Then again I often rush out the door before even grabbing any form of breakfast.

2 Hair and eye colour


I know you get hair dye and contact lenses, but it just is not the same. If I had to go somewhere with purple, pink or blue hair I would be stared at, and I am not that much of an attention seeker. Whereas life would be more colourful if we could have the variations that seem to be on offer in anime.

1 Tadaima and Okaerinasai


‘I’m home’ and ‘welcome home’ seem like such a nice home coming. In our busy lives we are often rushing off somewhere or barely acknowledging each other when we get home. I would love it if it could become a proper setting in my home to say this and honestly I love the way that these two words are pronounced.

Well at least those are my top 6 picks. What have you seen in an anime that you would like to add to your real life?



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