Filler Free Bleach

I am one of those people who will watch every episode once. However after that I will skip the filler episodes. Which in Bleach’s case there are whole filler seasons. Thus I have put together the below list so that you can watch Bleach and avoid most of the filler.

The episodes in each arc to watch for the straight story of Bleach

Main Arc 1: Soul Society Arc
Watch episodes:  1-32; 34-49; 51-63

Main Arc 2: Hueco Mundo Arc
Watch episodes: 110-127; 138-167; 190-203; 206-212

Main Arc 3: Fake Karakura Town arc
Watch episodes: 215-226; 267-286; 288-297; 300-302; 306-310

Main Arc 4: Substitute Soul Reaper Disappearance
Watch episodes: 342-354; 356 and watch through till the final episode, 366.

Arcs to Skip:

  • Bount Arc 64 – 109
  • Captain Shūsuke Amagai Arc 168 – 189
  • Skip Zanpakutō: The Alternate Tales Filler Arcs 227 – 266


Episodes that are filler:

  • 33
  • 50
  • 128-137
  • 204 & 205
  • 213 & 214
  • 227 – 265
  • 287
  • 298-299
  • 303-305
  • 311-341
  • 355

Well there you have it, now you can skip the filler completely.



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    1. Same here, that’s why I originally made the list. Some parts of the Bount arc are good others I just skip the same with the Zanpakuto arc, some bits I watch others I don’t bother. 🙂

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