Best Bleach Opening Song

This brought back so many memories as I tracked down all of the Bleach opening tracks. I honestly spent probably too much time enjoying them and just reveling in the memories. 15 songs later and as I said many hours later here we are and I have divided this into two answers. My personal favourite opening track and the most recognised opening.

Most recognised

I doubt I really need to say it but the most recognised opening for Bleach is the very first one. Which isย Asterisk and it was sung byย Orange Range. This opening ran from episode 1 until episode 25 which completed the first arc.

My Favourite

This was tough as each one has a bit where I like. The 3rd opening song I really liked but there are a few parts that ruin it for me. Then there is also the first which I also really like but still that is not my favourite one. No, my favourite is the 12th one, CHANGE sung by SCANDAL. There have been a few times where this song has been on my phone and among my daily play list which would see me driving around singing this at the top of my voice.

Which is your favourite Bleach opening track?


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