A Bleach scene that made me happy

I had been doing so well too! I shall quickly catch up on my two missing posts and do today’s as well. So three posts all in one day. Looking back, there were quite a few good scenes and moments in Bleach, but not all of them made me happy. Below are a few Bleach scenes that made me happy no matter how illogical some of them they are.


I know I said that this episode was pointless but there were bits that made me happy for no particular reason. Another moment that made me happy and I have also mentioned this one before in a previous post. It is when Ichigo throws Rukia to Renji to hopefully catch her.

There were a lot of moments that made me happy but I suppose if I were to sum it up I would have to say it would be every time Ichigo stood up defying the odds and I would be all a buzz when the sound track would start.

It would always mean something epic was about to happen and as one who really enjoyed their action sequences, it was a really happy moment. And as the song says “this is what I came for”.

What was your happy Bleach moment?


Your thoughts?

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