Soul Land Intro Lyrics

I always listen to an anime intro at least once before I start skipping past it. With Soul Land's intro I was hooked. Every episode I happily let it play as I hummed along. Below is the intro song snipped from one of the episodes in the anime and lyrics were pulled from a translated... Continue Reading →


Anime Releasing Today 09 June 2018

Today we see the release of two long single episode OVA's. Each episode is around an hour in length. I am honestly looking forward to watching both releases. Will you be checking out either of these releases?   Asagao to Kase-san Genres: Romance, School, Shoujo Ai Episodes: 1 Duration: 58 Minutes Yamada may be shy and rather... Continue Reading →


Heya, I just wanted to take a moment to inform you of a couple things that have happened this week and to appologise for being delayed with a couple things and going quiet on all fronts. ~Quick heads up, this post is a bit rambly but I wrote as it all came to (my rather... Continue Reading →

AFAF: The Seven Deadly Sins

It always amazes me how quickly Friday arrives and before I know it, I have yet to do my own fan art piece. Thankfully it is not my pieces that I feature, otherwise there would be no fan art. I hope you enjoy this week's submissions and sourced fan art. Your submitted fan art for... Continue Reading →

GeekFest 2018, come and gone

Wow what a weekend! Between my parent's going away, GeekFest and then a sudden family emergency the weekend did not go quite as expected. Or rather, Saturday did not go quite as expected. However, I did manage to make it to GeekFest for both Saturday and Sunday and for that I am really grateful and... Continue Reading →

Anime Releasing Today 19 May 2018

Today seems like one that I would either love or hate. Now I need to hunt down season one before I start with season 2. Today we see the release of the Chinese animation... TO BE HERO 2 Genres: Action, Comedy, Parody, Super Power Episodes: 7 The second season of To Be Hero Do you... Continue Reading →

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