AFAF: Full Metal Alchemist

Golly gosh how is it already Friday? It feels like yesterday was Tuesday. This week flew by in a rush and even though I managed to start on my own bit of fan art for Full Metal Alchemist, the rest of the time flew by and I did not get a chance to finish it... Continue Reading →


What is the Blood Franchise?

I first watched Blood + and months later I watched Blood C and I noticed both protagonists were named Saya and used swords, plus the rather obvious word Blood in their title. Other than that I did not connect the two anime until I also watched Blood: The Last Vampire. Once again, there was another... Continue Reading →

AFAF: Couples

With Wednesday being Valentine's day it just made sense that this week's Anime Fan Art Friday theme should be anime couples. Whether they are official couples or just 'ships' and no matter the genre, they were all welcome. Each week just reconfirms that there are really talented people out there! So without further delay… Here is... Continue Reading →

❤ 10 short Romance Anime to watch ❤

Valentine's day always guarantees plenty sappy, overly sweet cliche's and I thought what better way to celebrate this day other than providing a top ten list of anime that match the cloying sweetness of the Valentines day. Each of the below anime is a short anime, guaranteeing that you can watch the entirety of it in one sitting.... Continue Reading →

I made chocolate, like they do in anime! (Recipe included)

I tried making chocolate last year for my other half and it flopped horrendously. It did not set, I added way too much milk and months later we emptied it out from the freezer (where it had been kept for months) and it was still soft. In a way, I had made an unsolidable chocolate mousse.... Continue Reading →

The Blue Exposed – Are you not getting your sleep?

Blue light this, blue light that, but what is blue light really and why should we care? Blue light is both a natural and man-made phenomenon that fills our everyday lives without being obvious about it. Most of the time, we are not even aware that it is there making it seem like the whole... Continue Reading →

AFAF: Bleach

This week just flew by in a mad rushed craze and Friday arrived a lot faster than I had anticipated! I firstly want to say thanks for the fan art that everyone put forward for this week! I really enjoyed them and was made really jealous as I saw your skills and found myself wishing... Continue Reading →

My very first podcast!

Last year I was asked if I would be interested in joining a podcast, about anime and I of course went yeah, why not? Then the end of the year went by so fast and before I knew it January was here and rushing by as well. Thankfully we actually managed to get the recording... Continue Reading →

Anime Released Today: 4 February 18

Today sees the first anime release of the month and it is (drum roll) Hugtto! Precure! An anime for all ages and with an unknown expected number of episodes (^^,). Nono Hana is an 8th-grade student who wants to be a stylish and mature big sister like figure. She always puts on a lovely smile and... Continue Reading →

Clannad Dango Song Lyrics

If you have watched Clannad, then you know the Dango song and with Clannad being the theme for the Friday Fan Art feature recently I got back onto the hype of the song and promptly got it stuck on my mind. Then I wanted to know, what are the actual lyrics of the song? I... Continue Reading →

AFAF: Pokemon

The first Friday of February is here and that means it is time once again for Anime Fan Art Friday. I am happy to see that this is a welcome feature and that more and more of you are getting on board and submitting your own fan arts. You have no idea how happy that... Continue Reading →

February, the real start to 2018

How are we already in February when yesterday I was still in December busy planning the 2018 calendars? Well, that's okay, everyone knows that January is still considered the previous year and February is the real start to the new year. By this time, New Year resolutions have been made and broken, probably numerous times... Continue Reading →

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